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Good morning

Just a short note to let you know we are thinking about you folks in Alaska and hope this finds you all doing really well.

Judi and I are heading south for the Summer hurricane season and will be using this email for general notes. We will be checking and when we use internet cafes which will be often so keep using them. That being said, we will check this address multiple times a week as it is on the boat and we will be on the anchor mostly. No pictures please on this account. It is slow because it uses the HF radio to establish it's digital link.

Our plans are to sail to Tobago and arrive there around the first of July. Then as the Summer evolves we will visit Bonaire and Curacoa and maybe Granada, Trinidad, and/or Aruba. All of them are below the hurricane belt but hurricanes have hit all six places. So, we will bounce from island to island as the weather and our interest dictates. We expect to depart here (Cocoa, Fl) Tuesday with Tobago about 1575 miles as the crow flies. We expect to sail about 2000 miles to get there. Fine white sand, crystal clear water, 15 knots of trade winds everyday, island music, our kind of place. The islands have strong native indian, French, English, African, Dutch, and even some American influences. Lots to study. It should be a great Summer.

Some of you track us on the internet and you can continue to do that by inserting this address in you browser.
A map appears with us on it. If you double click the "stick pin" any notes we send with the location will appear. You can also just search for "Winlink position finder" from the search windowon youru browser and when the map comes up, type in our callsign which is kg6igs in the field at the bottom of the map screen.

Take care
Edd&Judi _/)

William Ennis and Conni Livsey are cruising aboard their Passport 40 Wings. Follow their adventures with their website and blog.