Our Club's History

Below is a concise history of the people and events that helped to create this organization.

The club filed its articles of incorporation with the State of Alaska on June 16, 1987. The five people who formed the nonprofit corporation were Carrie Lyall, Carol Clouse, Clem Locke McCann, Tanya Sandefur and Ralph Browning.

The club's official formation followed several organizational meetings, the first of which was on Dec. 13, 1986. The following information comes from minutes of the club's meetings:

Commodore Carol Clouse called to order the first general membership meeting of Kenai Fjords Yacht Club on Sept. 12, 1987. Eleven members were present. Clem McCann was vice commodore, Kip Louttit was recording secretary and Carrie Lyall was treasurer. Among the topics discussed during that three-hour meeting were: club newsletter, club sweatshirts and a holiday party. John Flood took the floor to talk about boat winterizing.

The club's 1988 annual meeting was held March 19 and the following were elected as officers: Commodore Clem McCann, Vice Commodore Tanya Sandefur, board member Mike Brittain, Treasurer Carrie Lyall, Correspondence Secretary Kip Louttit, and Entertainment Committee Chairman Mike McKern. Members said the club should have education as its main goal and social activities as its second goal.