Alaska's Inside Passage!

For many, the trip to or from Alaska is the trip of a lifetime. For others, it's a painfully slow journey through beautiful, but dangerous, waters.

Alaskans travel between Seattle and Seward whenever we bring a boat from the "Lower 48" or take a boat "Outside". In an effort to help our members contact yacht clubs along the way, we are building a list of the clubs that a traveler might pass.

Remember that your KFYC has reciprosity with these clubs, so prior contact might allow you to berth your vessel when you are passing through.

If you have contact information or suggestions for this list, please contact the webmaster.

Homer Yacht Club

Juneau Yacht Club

Ketchikan Yacht Club

Valdez Harbor

Prince Rupert Rowing and Yacht Club, Prince Rupert, BC.

There are a lot of yacht clubs in Washington state. Click here to see a list.

This is a list of several other harbors around Alaska.

DO NOT forget GoogleMaps! GoogleMaps includes maps and satellite imagery of the entire passage. The ferry route is shown as a dotted line.