The Seward Mariners' Memorial

Seward has been and is a city facing the sea. Because of that relationship, Seward has lost to the sea many fathers, sons, wives, and daughters. This memorial is the city's tribute to those who have been lost.

After many years of planning, the dream of a mariners’ memorial for our port community of Seward is coming to fruition. Harmon Construction put the finishing touches on the lighthouse/widow’s walk in late December 2011, which will be the focal point of the project and completes Phase 1. Our next phase will be placing an extensive compass rose surrounding the grounds of the lighthouse. Depending on funding, the Mariners' Memorial Committee hopes to begin work on that part of the project as soon as possible in the spring 2012, estimated at a cost of $10,000 to $15,000. Following completion of the compass rose will be construction of a wave wall and landscaping with benches, vegetation etc. It is also hoped Seward’s artist community will add their touches to the site with informative murals and enhancements. A statue of a woman looking out to sea will be placed in the upper level of the lighthouse. Final completion date is targeted for late 2013. The Mariners' Memorial Committee is in the process of soliciting plaques in memory of area mariners who have lost their lives at sea or contributed to our local seafaring history/maritime industry. Look for the order form soon on the Web site and at various locations in Seward. Plaques will be placed on the walls inside the lighthouse and other locations as needed. It is the committee’s desire to also dedicate a section of the memorial site to the 1964 earthquake victims and other historic maritime events that have occurred in proximity to Seward. You can visit the Mariners' Memorial on their Web site at

The Mariners' Memorial Committee is looking for a large ship’s bell that can be donated to the memorial? It will be placed in the lighthouse and rung during the Blessing of the Fleet and other occasions.