KFYC members and visitors: Welcome!

On this page we shall exhibit photos sent to us by various members. Some photos will be of a documentary nature (such as the dock cart photo), and others will be just for show or fun.


Members attending the 2006 Winter Solstice meeting.
Seward from Resurrection Bay. We can see Marathon Mountain in the background.
One of our KFYC dock carts at the head of J dock. We keep them locked to rails for safekeeping, and change the code each year. Membership includes free use of our carts.
A scene on a typical Seward summer day! Well, perhaps not so typical. Note our KFYC burgee on the Seward Harbormaster's flag mast.
SV Mahiole in Humpy Cove. At the time, she was owned by Greg Jurkowski and Lisa Wright.
The Breeze Inn, our beloved home for many years. Thanks!
A Kenai Fjords Yacht Club bag in Havana, Cuba. Unknown photographer!
Our own Sue Kaanta exchanging burgees with the Russell Boating Club representative, New Zealand.